Leaving a Legacy

Legacies are a vital source of income for many of the country's best known organisations including sports clubs.  As you are aware the cost of running the shinty club is an increasingly expensive business.  We would be very grateful if you would consider making a bequest in your will in favour of "Newtonmore Camanachd Club".  This is a constructive and generous way to make a lasting contribution to a club which plays such an important part in the life of our community.

Whether your legacy to the club is large or small it will make a real and lasting difference to the club and shinty in Newtonmore.  There are two ways to make a legacy:

1.  Leaving a fixed sum of money (known as a pecuniary legacy).
If you want to, you can specify what you would like the money to be used for.

2.  Leaving part of your estate (known as a residual legacy).
Once other gifts to family and friends have been made leaving say 5% of your estate to Newtonmore Camanachd Club would be of enormous value.  (As with a pecuniary legacy you can specify what you would lke the money to be spent on though it would be best to speak to the club first about your idea).

It's easy to do.  If you already have a will all you have to do is to draw up a codicil leaving Newtonmore Camanachd club a pecuniary or residual legacy.  If you do not already have a will we would suggest you consider doing so (whether or not you leave a legacy to the club) as this makes life easier for those you leave behind.

If you do not already have a professional advisor Aberdein Considine, our first team sponsor, would be happy to advise you.