Saturday 17th May 2014 : Report by Eddy Harrigan

Mactavish Cup Semi Final

Glenurquhart v Newtonmore

1, Mike Ritchie, 2, Steven Macdonald, 3, Ackie Macrae, 4, Scott Campbell, 5, Cameron Binnie, 6, Jamie Robinson, 7, Scott Chisholm(capt), 8, Fraser Mackintosh, 9, Evan Menzies, 10, Glen Mackintosh, 11, Calum Stewart, 12, Danny Macrae; 14, Norman Campbell, 15, Craig Ritchie, 16, Calum Binnie, 17, Liam Mullender, 18, Kenny Ross:

Glen got off to a good start and put the 'More defence under pressure early on without really troubling Mike, 'More gradually gained control and Stuart in the Glen goal had 2 decent saves from Danny and Glen. Danny showed his strength in winning the ball about 20 yards from goal and his turn and fierce drive flew just over, this was to be Danny's last involvement in the game as yet another injury hit our already depleted squad with Danny limping off to be replaced by Liam. 'More continued to control the game and Stuart had another 2 good saves from Evan and Calum. Glenurquhart forced their way back into it and near the end of the first half had 2 corners in quick succession which were dealt with comfortably by our defence.

Half Time 0---0

Newtonmore went on the offensive looking for an early breakthrough and Stuart had 3 very good stops in the opening 10 mins, 2 from Glen and 1 from Liam. In the 62 min the first goal was scored by Calum, a tidy volley from a corner taken by Scott, 0---1. The game had just restarted when a great shot from Evan was deflected over for another corner. 'More continued to dominate but could not find the 2nd goal. Glenurquhart began to push forward in search of an equaliser and Mike had a very good save in the 74th min, just a few minutes later he had no chance when Glenurquhart finally got their break, 1---1. In the dying minutes the Glen had a chance to clinch the game when they were awarded a penalty, up stepped goalkeeper Stuart but his shot was well saved by Mike to send the game into extra time.

Full time 1---1

After just a few minutes of extra time yet another injury as Jamie came off and may have played his last game this season, he was replaced  by Norman who in a reshuffle of positions found himself at full forward. The first priod of extra time came and went with no real chances for either side. For the second 15 mins Calum B. replaced Scott in the centre line. A hard fought second half produced no further goals so a penalty shootout was required to separate the teams. After 5 penalties each the score was tied at 1---1 and so into sudden death, 'More's first 2 penalties were misses as was Glenurquharts first so once again upstepped goalkeeper 

Stuart with a chance to win the game, this time he took his chance and Glenurquhart had made it to the final.

Another couple of injuries to key players will not help the cause, on the plus side Liam had a very good game when he came on and the youngsters who have had their chance have done very well.

Off to play Kyles on league duty next Saturday.