March 2017 Newsletter

On The Field
It's been an inconsistent start for the 1st team in March, but now that training has moved outside the team's management is confident that we will be able to push on from where we left off last year. Keep an eye on the website and face book for fixture changes.

April Fool
Not one from the club this year, but perhaps you didn't see the excellent one from Skye Camanachd. It reported that the Association ha
s agreed to pilot cutting edge technology to help referees in shinty matches. All club managers are to be provided with small devices which when activated sends an electric shock to the referee to alert him to any situation on the field of play which he may have missed! There is no limit to the number of times that the device can be activated during a game!

Funding for Dr Johnny Cattanach Memorial Field
We are delighted to report that the Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation have agreed to support the work on the new field to the tune of £5k. We are very grateful to the trustees for their support. This is on top of the £1k we expect to get from the Tesco bags of Help appeal which you can still put your token in for in the Inverness and Aviemore stores.

As mentioned before we are having to construct a very active fundraising programme this year because of new developments, the need to plan to replace our John Deere grass cutter in 2018, reduced advertising board income and increased costs.

  -   Coffee morning Sat 22nd April in the village hall Please put this date in your diary. Thanks to Jane Stewart who is going to be organising this. We need helpers plus donations of marmalade, jam and chutney & raffle prizes.

-    50/50 raffle tickets Thanks to Sandra Grant who has volunteered to sell these on 1st team match days.

-    We have fundraising jars available for you to put your spare silver coins in during the season in aid of the Dr Johnny Cattanach Memorial Field. These are available in the clubhouse and the first full jars have been returned very early so we know that each will contain about £25.

-    The Williamson 6s are on Wednesday 7th June from 1800 and we hope to raise money from a BBQ as usual though our burger donor is unable to help this year due to a factory fire.

-    the Texas Scramble is on Sunday 25th June and Jazza will shortly be asking for team entrants.

-    We have persuaded Alaister Jeffrey to swap his long distance running to do the hill race at the Highland Games on 5th August and have a fundraising sweep on his time. We will also have our stall as usual so volunteers for this are welcome.

-    We are looking at a joint shooting event with the gun club possibly in July the Veterans 6s is on Sunday 13th August. The revised format will be announced shortly, but is likely to be a mixture of Veterans and others.
-    We were intending holding a Race Night on Saturday 9th September, but are now looking for another date as it clashes with a wedding the Xmas sale is on Saturday 3rd December.

We are still also looking for two or three good prizes so that we can run another summer raffle after the Texas Scramble. Can you help?

Safety at the clubhouse
As mentioned last month we had identified a safety risk to players because of the slabs that ran along under the clubhouse railing. Many thanks to Rob Ritchie who lifted all the slabs, spread over a ton of sand as the base for the matting and ensured the matting was put in position.

Risk assessment
John Begg's review of risks on behalf of the club has already identified an immediate risk that cars are travelling at excess speed coming out the 30mph limit and also coming towards the village over the Spey Bridge. This is a potential danger particularly to the children who cross the road to and from the Eilan, usually unaccompanied. We have identified this risk to the Council and are still awaiting their response to our suggestion to move the 30 mph limit beyond the Eilan as part of the solution.

The next Committee meeting will review all the identified risks and agree how to ameliorate them.

There are still three league match ball sponsorships and two cup games left for the 2nd team. The price is still £20.

The player sponsor list is now on the website

Child protection
Thanks to John Begg our Child Protection Officer, we now have a number of updated documents on the website including the Child Protection Policy, the list of club members with PVG clearance [30], the code of conduct, the role of the authorised minibus drivers and the letter to parents/guardians re permission to use photographs.

Advertising boards
As always it would be great if you could introduce the club to a business, charity [special rates] or an individual who would be interested in taking an advertising board at the Eilan. Maybe you could take one yourself!

The price has been unchanged for over 10 years! It is £350 for three years including manufacture and display of the board. Paying by 3 yearly installments of £150, £105 & £105 is also an option.

Sanding and spiking
The Committee has agreed to commit £4k to the sanding/spiking of the Eilan at the beginning of May and fertiliser will be applied at the same time. Richard Ralph has kindly agreed to carry out a daisy treatment.

Bank of the Calder
Additional work has been carried out on the north bank of the Calder and it looks like there will be better protection against the risk of flooding towards our new field.

Ian Gibson Tel 01540 673048 Mob 07817 378729  1st April 2017