March 2018 Newsletter

On The Field
It was a disappointing home start to the season for the 1st team losing our first match to Kingussie at home for a long time. Indeed in the last eight years we have had very few home defeats at all so here’s hoping “Fortress Eilan” can be reinstated. Although Kilmallie were not strong opposition in the Mactavish Cup tie it was good to get back to winning ways and nice to see a number of players on the score sheet.

The 2nd team have had a very solid start in defence of the league title and have been scoring plenty of goals. With the relative shortage of emerging youth players over the last few years it was great to see two 14 year olds and a 13 year old featuring in the successful derby match against Kingussie.

Dr Johnny Cattanach Memorial Field
The rest of the work to de-stone and plant the field will take place in under two months. We hope that the roadways will be completed from the pile of aggregate we still have next week.

New merchandise
There are now what I think are super children’s lined shower jackets for age 3/4 and 5/6 costing £33. With the immediate positive customer feedback these will now be stocked in all children’s sizes.

The adult Macron lined shower jackets up to XL (£49) have been in stock a few weeks. We now also have the O’Neills lined shower jacket (£42), which at the moment is only currently in S, M, & L. However our new representative tells us we can now get XL, 2XL & 3XL sizes so larger sizes are now on order.

Small low value items now include shinty ball key rings in addition to club pens and car stickers. Adult woollen hats sold out today so have been reordered.

Advertising boards
We are delighted that Stags Breath is the latest local business to support us with an advertising board so many thanks to Yvonne. I am also pleased to report that Macdonalds Resorts are taking three new replacement boards.

As usual we encourage you to use your contacts to persuade more businesses to support us by taking an advertising board. Thanks are due to Fraser Mackintosh and Tony Robinson for mounting the fittings on the boards so promptly.

Tea volunteer rota
There is a list of 1st team games in the clubhouse and there are two ways you can potentially help. By taking one turn on the rota during the season and/or by donating some home baking for a game.

Maureen, Heather, Liz and Marie put in some shift at the Kingussie match with a club record £295 in takings. Alison and Shirlie weren't far behind with £255 on a biting day for the match against Kilmallie.

For the 2nd team we don’t want to leave all the service to Cathy, Dawn and myself. Doing a 2nd team match is much quieter so it’s an excellent way to get experience!

New sign
A new metal sign has been purchased for the pole at the gate as the wooden one gradually disintegrated. It should be fixed in position soon.

Thanks are due to Badenoch and Strathspey Sports Council for a £300 grant towards the cost of helmets, sticks and balls for children.

Match ball sponsorship
Thanks to everyone who has sponsored a match ball. For the first time I can remember they were all allocated in March with extra sponsors available if we get additional home cup matches.

MiDas course
The next course/test is in Aviemore on Sunday 13th May. You need D1 on your license and MiDas to drive the Aviemore bus. You are then eligible to apply for the Highland Council license which enables you to drive the Kingussie based minibus [though there is a long delay with this at the moment]. The club covers the cost of this course.

National Player Development Camp
This annual camp is taking place at Strathallan School Perthshire from 15th-19th July. We are intending to send a number of our promising youngsters again this year thanks to the support of Jeremy Peters of Alvey House.

Co-op local community fund
We are making an application to this fund for the current round now that they have changed their criteria to make more sports clubs eligible to apply.

Diary dates
Saturday 12th May Race Night 1930
Wednesday 6th June Williamson 6s 1800
Sunday 24th June Texas Scramble
Saturday 4th August Highland Games captains fundraiser
Sunday 12th August Veteran's 6s

Season tickets
These are still available and you will get any admission price you may have already paid deducted from the cost.

50/50 raffle
Another great painless way for you to support the club at 1st team home games. Alastair Fergusson, a regular participant from Pitlochry, won £108 at the Kilmallie game.
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       31st March 2018