Newtonmore Camanachd club is one of the best known shinty clubs in Scotland and has been in existence for well over 100 years. The club owns and manages both it’s clubhouse and the Eilan the land on which it is located. It’s objectives include involving the communities of Dalwhinnie, Laggan and Newtonmore in running the club and working in partnership with other community groups in order to foster and develop the game of shinty on an amateur basis. We are committed to ensuring that our activities have due regard to the special environment in which they take place and the constitution and actions of the club are consistent with the four aims of the National Park.

To conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area

Shinty is a key constituent of the cultural heritage of Badenoch and we are committed to developing the game

Preserving and making available to the wider public memorabilia related to the game of shinty is an objective in our constitution

We have a programme of native tree planting and are enhancing our amenities through the construction of drystone walls

To promote sustainable use of the natural resources of the area

We promote energy efficiency by the use of low energy light bulbs where possible and by the regulatory controls on our heating system

We use only environmentally friendly fertilisers on the pitch, biodegradable materials for lining the pitch etc

We are environmentally aware in all our activities and recycle tin cans, bottles, paper etc buying biodegradable materials whenever possible

To promote understanding and enjoyment [including enjoyment in the form of recreation] of the special qualities of the area by the public

We produce marketing leaflets to encourage understanding and attendance at shinty matches as well as translating materials into foreign languages and have also established a website to promote the game and the club

We ensure that tourist organisations have information about shinty matches and maintain contact with journalists to promote the game

Our annual Open Day in February and the Shinty Family Sunday in August are aimed at promoting the game and encouraging participation of locals and visitors alike

To promote sustainable economic and social development of the areas communities

We run fundraising events annually in partnership with a variety of other local community groups and have a long term agreement for use of the Eilan with the Newtonmore Highland Games

We support youth development by the provision of coaching, subsidised equipment and training grants, encouraging young people to appreciate local culture and remain in the community

We lever in significant sums of money every year from out with the area through sponsorship and grants concentrating on long term relationships Adopted as policy 6/03/07