Newtonmore Camanachd Club

The purpose of this website is to keep locals in the Dalwhinnie, Laggan and Newtonmore areas up to date with what is going on in the club.  To allow exiles to stay informed about who is who, what is going on and how we are doing.  To give visitors, who may never have heard of shinty, the opportunity to find out something about it and to watch it being played

Shinty is Scotland’s indigenous sport.

We at Newtonmore are proud to be one of the biggest names in shinty.  Shinty endeavours to enrich the communities in which it is played.

Respect. Dignity. Inclusion.

together we are 'more

We welcome visitors at our matches, encourage you to ask to speak to one of the committee and look forward to explaining the game to you to increase your enjoyment. Shinty in villages like Newtonmore is an integral part of the local culture, for visitors and locals alike.

For the most up to date news, fixtures and results you can visit the Newtonmore Shinty Facebook page or


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The History

Shinty’s History goes back 2000 years to Ireland and comes from the same root as the Irish sport of hurling.

It is thought to have been brought to Scotland by Irish settlers. Legend has it that St Columba who arrived in Iona in AD563 was banished from Ireland because he fell out with his king about a game of Camanachd.

The Game

Shinty is very important to the local communities in which it is played, acting as a social glue. Family names are inextricably associated with different clubs. Young players are often to be seen at matches practicing their ball skills and receiving advice from some of the game’s veterans. Although most games are 12 a side nowadays, 100 years ago teams could be made up of any number and whole villages regularly met in match.

together we are 'more